Dr. Eastman is a Florida State Doctor of Oriental medicine, an Arizona licensed acupuncturist, and a nationally board-certified Classical Homeopath. She has been working with patients since 1995. 

Julia is focused on the underlying cause of disease.  She spends time with her patients, documenting their family history and developing individualized health plans.  It is an approach which engages both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership which better addresses the complex health concerns in today's world. Dr. Eastman is considered by her peers to have one of the busiest and most successful practices in America. Julia has private practices in Naples, FL (primary) and Phoenix, AZ with hubs in Las Vegas and Hollywood. She also serves clients internationally via Skype.  She believes that homeopathic medicine is the least invasive, most effective medicine in the world today. Dr. Eastman’s goal is to restore one’s health by balancing the body, mind and spirit. Her intention is to create a healthier planet with healthier people on it.

Dr. Eastman became interested in homeopathy in her mid 20's due to chronic health issues, namely recurrent strep throat. She saw many conventional doctors and was beginning to become allergic to almost all antibiotics. Finally, in desperation, she sought the advice of an ENT /Surgeon. His suggestion was (of course) to remove the diseased tonsils and adenoids. Her reply was, "I'll consider it, IF you can explain to me where the infection will go next, since it will no longer be isolated in the tonsils." His response was that "this was ridiculous thinking." It was then that she was DONE with conventional medicine and went to see a homeopath."She was not  impressed with her initial experience: it was too invasive with ALL those questions, she felt very exposed. However, she finally took the remedy a week later,  ONE dose, ONE  time and HAS NEVER HAD STREP THROAT again. Thus began her journey to learn Classical Homeopathy and to share in the healing journey of others."

What We Offer

Dr. Julia A Eastman, L.Ac, DOM, CCH


Dr. Eastman's mission is simple: to use natural medicine and therapies to restore health and balance to the body, mind and spirit.


Dr. Eastman is known for being the "headquarters for never giving up!"

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Team Eastman

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Classical Homeopathy

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Laser Acupuncture (Needleless)

Lifestyle Education

Nutritional Counseling

Diagnostics / Blood Lab Consultation

Public Speaking

- Dr. Eastman is available to speak to groups on any of the services she provides as well as pertinent health care topics. Contact the office for more information. She has spoken on Wellness, Treating Breast Cancer, Autism, ADHD, and a host of other topics.